We provide the following services


Studying the client's needs


• Market research: study of local laws and regulations
• Analysis of the functional requirements of the client
• Cost estimates and business plans
• The feasibility study of the project
   The detailed design of the project
•The development of functional solutions: a list and description of all premises and equipment items
•The architectural plan of the medical institution
•General plan and project schedule
•financial plan
•The scheme of installation

Execution of the project


•Construction of the medical establishment
•Installation ofengineering communications (electric and water supply systems, air-conditioning, ventilation etc..)
•Determining the purchase and installation of the necessary equipment
•Setting up engineering communications for the medical equipment connection and operation
•Quality and reliable packaging of equipment to send it by sea or by air
•Providing delivery of the equipment to the end user
•Installation, configuration and testing of equipment by our experts


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